Yvecourt - Sauternes

Delicate and flavoursome

« Distinguished and crisp, Yvecourt Sauternes should be enjoyed chilled but not icy cold », Jury of Grand Cellar Masters


Great care is taken in producing Yvecourt Sauternes: the harvest is completed by hand followed by a slow pressing to preserve the quality of the grapes. The wine is then left to settle at a cold temperature for 48 hours. Fermentation occurs at 18 ° C using yeast naturally present in wine. The fermentation process is stopped when the optimum sugar/alcohol balance is reached. The wine is then cooled before being bottled.

Tasting notes

Yvecourt Sauternes is characterized by a bright golden yellow hue, an intense bouquet, and a complex and full body. Fresh fruits (yellow peach, pineapple and apricot) are mixed with hints of dried fig. After swirling, sweet clementines and fresh ginger embellish this beautiful bouquet.

It develops aromas of dried apricot and pear, combined with notes of exotic fruits (pineapple, mango and more). The finish is long and ends with a subtle note of lychee.

Yvecourt Sauternes is the perfect match for foie gras, white meats and blue cheese. For dessert, enjoy it with an exotic fresh fruit salad or a chocolate charlotte.

Food & Wine pairings

  • Fruity desserts Fruity desserts
  • White meat in sauce White meat in sauce
  • Characterful Roquefort-style cheese

Tasting occasions

  • –  Aperitif
  • – Spicy meal
  • – Festive meal with salmon, foie gras etc.