Roots at the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers

We have been establishing bonds of trust with the very best winegrowers since 1897. These lasting partnerships ensure that we receive a consistent, high-quality product thanks to the care and attention lavished on the vine and in the cellar.
Creating a universally accessible Bordeaux not plagued by the ‘vintage effect’ was an innovative concept and a gamble taken by Maison Mau in 1976 when they created the Virecourt brand.
This name is directly inspired by the square in the town of GIRONDE-SUR-DROPT where the historic cellars are located: Place de Virecourt.
A few years later Maison Mau discovered the existence of a Château Virecourt on the right bank, so a decision was made to choose a new name combining ‘YVON; with ‘VIRECOURT’. Yvecourt was born!

Our Bordeaux spans seasons and time
Yvecourt has been able to move with the times:


Since 2012, the Jury of Grand Cellar Masters presided over by Pierre Vieillefosse (house oenologist) has been tasting and selecting the best blends for every part of the Yvecourt range.

Yvecourt : Yvecourt: France’s Bordeaux benchmark

Building on 40 years of history, Yvecourt is a Bordeaux (AOC) wine which perfectly reflects the expertise and tradition of the most famous vineyards in the world. An exceptional terroir and the passion of the people creating it has produced this full, multi-award-winning range of Bordeaux wines, demonstrating its consistent quality from one vintage to the next.

Every step in producing Yvecourt wines is given the time it needs: from grape ripening to maturation to blending the different grape varieties. Similarly, our Jury of Grand Cellar Masters take the time and care to select, taste and then create the very best blend for Yvecourt. A work of time and human passion, Yvecourt therefore offers elegant and well-balanced wines in the image of Bordeaux Grand Vin.

Take the time to savour the moment as you enjoy (in moderation) our Yvecourt wines: examine their subtle colour, breathe in their delicate aromas and pick out their subtle flavours…

Yvecourt, the art of taking your time.