Yvecourt past and present

The history of a French benchmark

Since 1897 we have been creating bonds of trust with the very best winegrowers and cooperatives of southern and southwestern France. These lasting partnerships ensure that we receive a consistent, high-quality product thanks to the care and attention lavished at the vine and in the cellar. At the time, creating a universally accessible Bordeaux not plagued by the ‘vintage effect’, was still an innovative concept.

1976 saw the birth of VIRECOURT, in reference to a square called Place de Virecourt in the village of GIRONDE-SUR-DROPT where our historic Bordeaux cellars are located.

A few years later it emerged that there was also a Château Virecourt on the right bank, so a decision was made to choose a new name combining YVON with VIRECOURT.

Yvecourt was born!

Through changing fashions

Yvecourt has developed with the changing seasons. Currently, Yvecourt is throwing the spotlight on its Bordeaux and those who ‘manufacture’ it every year: the cellar masters.


Global exposure


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