Jury of Grand Cellar Masters & 2014 vintage

On 5 February, the Jury of Grand Cellar Masters met to taste various blends and select the forthcoming 2015 vintage for our red, rosé and white Bordeaux wines. Through their expertise and attention to detail, these loyal partners helped us to assess the different samples (aromas, aging potential etc.) so as to ensure that Yvecourt remains an aromatic, « fruity and well-balanced wine » just the way you like it.


From left to right : Christian D., Paul-Arthur B. (Vignobles Bardet), Pierre V. (œnologue Yvecourt), Alain G., Serge M., Jean-Marie M., Florence B., Marie B. et Alexandra M. (Vignobles Martet) out of photo.


Prize list

Discover all the medals obtained by each of our vintage :