Yvecourt - Bordeaux Rosé

Fresh and delicious

« A well-balanced wine with deliciously crunchy red fruit notes and a wonderfully rounded finish » Jury of Grand Cellar Masters


This is vinified using grapes grown specifically to make rosé wines, i.e. with maximum fruit potential and intense freshness. The grapes are harvested at the cusp of ripeness, de-stemmed, and macerated for a very brief period of just a few hours before being placed in vats.

Tasting notes

Yvecourt Bordeaux Rosé has a beautifully bright appearance with hints of raspberry. It is a wonderfully intense, lively and elegant wine balancing freshness with fruity notes (cherry, currant and strawberry).

Yvecourt : France’s favourite Bordeaux Rosé brand! *

* Source: distributor panels, Yvecourt Bordeaux Rosé, leader for sales by volume of generic Bordeaux Rosé in supermarkets and hypermarkets – June 2016 to June 2017.

Food & Wine pairings

  • Salad
  • Savoury pie Savoury pie
  • Grilled white meat
  • Fruity desserts Fruity desserts

Tasting occasions

  • – Summer meal
  • – Italian lunch: pizza or pasta?
  • – “After-work” aperitif
  • – Family picnic